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When mentioning blinds, we usually refer to window treatments with horizontal slats that can be tilted open and closed to balance light and privacy. One example is Venetian blinds, which are a classic choice and make for an attractive addition to any style of décor. The most popular option includes real and faux woods and mini blinds, all of which are available in a wide range of colors, styles, and customizable options. Vertical blinds are also very popular and can be the perfect window treatment for a large or wide window. Vertical blinds are made of materials like PVC, faux wood, or fabric – making them simple yet durable and are available in a variety of colors and fabric options, allowing you to customize and match any décor in your home. Vertical blinds are an extremely popular choice for covering a sliding glass or patio door.

Blinds wood paint


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Wire Brush

Blinds wood stains

Stains Palette

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